Tweeps Slam Ndlozi – Claim He Is Losing His ‘Touch’

Favor and popularity seem to be running dry for the EFF’s former spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Ndlozi was dragged on the Twitter streets yesterday after EFF leader Sello Julius Malema posted a tweet proposing a meeting over a cup of tea with former President Jacob Zuma at the former statesman’s controversial Nkadla homestead. 

“@Julius_S_Malema @PresJGZuma can we please have tea urgently?”

The odd request comes just a day after Ndlozi publicly expressed his views calling for JZ to be arrested after defying the Constitutional Court by refusing to testify before the Zondo commission.

“@MbuyiseniNdlozi Zuma will be arrested & jailed for defying the ConCourt! If this doesn’t happen, then we can kiss our Constitutional Order good bye!”

Twitter was fast to point out the contradiction, once again accusing the party of hypocrisy and flip-flopping, with some supporters of the party directing their anger specifically at Ndlozi, accusing him of running his mouth.

Once affectionately referred to as “The People’s Bae” for his handsome looks, Ndlozi’s political career shot him to national fame and became an instant social media hit and sweetheart who swooned the hearts of many across the country with his feisty scruffy boy charm. He could do no wrong in the court of public opinion and his sultry performance of struggle songs, most notably his rendition of “Cape to Cairo” with a reverberating honey-coated voice, won the affection of some ladies (and gentlemen).

Though Ndlozi remains a member of the EFF, he has since vacated the spokesperson position and his popularity is on a constant decline. He has been ridiculed as Malema’s lapdog, his qualification brought into question, his romantic linking with television actress and producer Mmabatho Montsho was met with much criticism and even calls Mampara of the Year by another publication.   

EFF spokesperson Vuyani Pambo confirmed to another publication that a meeting between Zuma and Malema would indeed be taking place this weekend, tweeps wasted no time dragging Ndlozi.

“@sephiritsikeli It must be painful being an EFF member. Ndlozi said President Zuma must go to prison. Instead Malema did a U-turn and asked baba for a cup of tea to discuss the matter.”

Though his pretty privilege might be running out, the Ph.D. Political Science Wits graduate still has some support base and some tweets came running to his defense.

“@zsimayi Niyangxama. No one knows the content of that meeting but already you conclude that Malema has made a U-turn. Where? Did he refute Dr Ndlozi tweet? Where did he refute? A cup of tea doesn’t mean he agrees with Zuma, right?”


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