Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)

Tug of War Continues: Somizi Mhlongo Still Owes Mohale Motaung for Damaged Car

The ongoing feud between Metro FM radio host Somizi Mhlongo and his ex-husband Mohale Motaung is far from over. Recent developments reveal that Mhlongo still owes Motaung for damaging his car, leading to potential legal action.

Motaung Prepares Lawsuit Against Mhlongo

According to sources, Motaung has been engaged in discussions with his legal representatives to pursue a lawsuit against Mhlongo. The aim is to compel Mhlongo to replace the car that was damaged during an altercation that occurred while they were still dating five years ago.

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Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(instagram)
Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(instagram)

Outstanding Car Damages

A source close to Motaung, who recently became a club owner, disclosed that patience has run out regarding the matter. Mhlongo has yet to address when and how he intends to compensate Motaung for the car damages sustained on 18 November 2018. The outstanding issue has been unresolved for over two years.

Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)
Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(Instagram)

Demand for Damages

Motaung’s lawyers previously sent a letter to Mhlongo demanding that he replace the damaged Audi A3. The letter stated that Mhlongo should purchase a motor vehicle valued at a minimum of R200 000. It highlighted that the request was based on the fact that Mhlongo intentionally damaged the car during the aforementioned incident.

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Response from Mhlongo

Mhlongo’s response came in the form of a counteroffer. Instead of replacing the vehicle, he proposed paying R30 000 to cover the repair costs. Mhlongo’s lawyers emphasized that he intended to make equal monthly payments over a span of 12 months.

Somizi ordered to pay Mohale as divorce ends-Image Source(Twitter)
Somizi ordered to pay Mohale as divorce ends-Image Source(Twitter)

Pending Letter of Demand

Another source revealed that the discussions surrounding Motaung’s damaged car concluded without resolution. As a result, Mhlongo has not provided any compensation thus far. The source further stated that if Mhlongo fails to comply with an upcoming letter of demand, he may face additional charges related to the assault.

Potential High Court Involvement

If the payment for the car damages remains outstanding, Motaung intends to escalate the matter to the high court. This course of action would likely lead to the assault allegations being raised during the legal proceedings. The alleged assault occurred during Motaung and Mhlongo’s relationship and was a significant factor in their divorce settlement.

Allegations of Abuse

In a revealing interview aired on Showmax, Motaung disclosed that he experienced physical abuse at the hands of Mhlongo. Motaung recounted an incident that took place just three weeks into their relationship, where Mhlongo allegedly chased him with a knife. The revelation shed light on a side of Mhlongo that Motaung had not seen before.

Motaung and Mhlongo have not provided immediate comments regarding the current situation. However, Motaung’s lawyer, Mabu Marweshe, confirmed ongoing discussions without disclosing further details.


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