Oprah Winfrey and Trevor Noah-Image Source@InstagramOprah Winfrey and Trevor Noah-Image Source@Instagram

Trevor Noah Impresses Oprah Winfrey With His Off The Record Tour

Trevor Noah’s leg of the Off The Record tour at the Santa Barbara Bowl this past weekend had US legendary talk show host and businesswoman Oprah Winfrey marvelling about his comedic talent.

Oprah took to her timeline to give Trevor a co-sign after his performance and encouraged others to attend one of his shows.

“Can’t remember when I’ve had a happier Saturday night. Watching Trevor Noah at the Santa Barbara Bowl with Scott Sanders and daughter girl Tabitha under a full moon sky. He is astutely observant, brilliant and so funny I left with a laugh headache. Go see when he comes to a city near you,”

– Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey and Trevor Noah-Image Source@Instagram
Oprah Winfrey and Trevor Noah-Image Source@Instagram

Trevor thanked Oprah and others who attended the show.

“Just in case ‘picture or it didn’t happen’ is still a thing. Thank you Oprah and everyone else who came out to the shows in Santa Barbara this weekend,”

– Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Explores New Ventures with Off The Record Tour

Trevor’s comedy tour, which kickstarted in January, comes after his exit from The Daily Show.

“I spent two years in my apartment, not on the road, and when I got back out there, I realized there’s another part of my life out there I want to carry on exploring,”

– Trevor Noah, Rolling Stone magazine

The comedian’s tour will see him heading to South Africa between August 31 and September 15. He will be performing at Cape Town’s Grand West Casino & Entertainment World, the Durban International Convention Centre, and the SunBet Arena in Pretoria.

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