Son Sentenced For MurderSon Kills Father For Not Supporting Music Ambitions [Image: Guardian Nigeria]

Tragic Family Fallout: Son Sentenced To Life For Father’s Murder Over Music Dreams

A Mbombela son has been sentenced to life in prison for his father’s murder. The 22-year-old man grabbed headlines for murdering his father over his aspirations to pursue a music career.

Zimoja reported that Siphamandla Gift Khumalo was very angry because his father wouldn’t let him follow his dream of becoming a musician.

Son Sentenced For Murder
Son Murders Father For Not Supporting Music Ambitions [Image: iPleaders]
Siphamandla Khumalo appeared in court and admitted to killing his 47-year-old father, Bheki Khumalo.

Siphamandla and his dad, Bheki, used to be close, but their relationship changed when Siphamandla felt like his dad wasn’t playing a role in helping him reach his goal of becoming a musician.

Bheki, a businessman, wanted his son Siphamandla to go to school to become an engineer instead of following his dream of becoming a musician.

Siphamandla was unhappy because he felt his father was stopping him from achieving his ambitions. He thought of a plan to get rid of his dad completely.

Siphamandla left his house in Mayflower and travelled to Ermelo, Mpumalanga, to visit his dad-who owns a business there. 

His dad wasn’t there when he arrived in Ermelo, so he waited for him. When his dad, Bheki, came, he took out a knife and stabbed him in the neck, leading to his tragic death.

Zimoja said that before the judge decided, the lawyer, Eugene Mathebula, gave Judge Greyling Coetzer a letter from Bheki’s wife (who is also Gift’s mom). In the letter, she explained how the crime had affected her life.

She told the court that since her husband passed away, she had no source of income. Additionally, people in her area thought that she and her son had plotted to kill her husband.

The judge ruled it was justified to give Gift a life sentence in prison because there was enough proof presented in court.


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