Four brothers shotFour brothers shot in KZN-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Tragedy struck in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) as four brothers were tragically shot just hours before their sister’s traditional wedding.

Bhekisisa, Msawenkosi, Sanziso, and Veli Gcabashe were preparing for the joyous occasion when the unthinkable occurred.

Four Brothers Shot Dead While Celebrating Their Sister’s Wedding In KZN

Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing event, stating that the brothers were gathered in a hut, immersed in songs and laughter while indulging in the traditional brew, umqombothi. Suddenly, five unidentified assailants stormed in and unleashed a hail of bullets, claiming the lives of the four brothers and injuring four other wedding attendees.

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Phumzile’s husband, Msizi Shangase, expressed disbelief and horror at the senseless violence that shattered the celebratory atmosphere. Despite the tragedy, the wedding proceeded in accordance with tradition.

“The wedding had to continue as per custom even after the murders. I really don’t understand why something like that had to happen. We were forced to continue with the traditional wedding because, according to the Zulu culture, it is taboo to postpone a wedding. We are still trying to make sense of what really happened and why it happened.”

Four brothers shot in KZN-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

The motive behind the heinous act remains unknown, leaving the community in fear and uncertainty.

“We are not sure about our safety now as we don’t know whether the killers who did this will come back to finish off what they started.”

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Authorities Confirm The Tragic Incident

Mayor Sam Mfeka of Ndwedwe Local Municipality voiced concern over the escalating violence in the region, referencing recent shootings that have instilled fear among residents.

“We are pleading for calmness and for locals to allow the police to do their job so that the criminals can be brought to book,”

Colonel Robert Netshiunda, spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal South African Police Service (SAPS), confirmed the incident:

“Police in Ndwedwe have launched a massive manhunt for two suspects who shot and killed four men from the same family in the Mzunga area in the early hours of Sunday, 21 April. Information at the police’s disposal at this stage suggests that a number of men were gathered when the suspects came in and opened fire.

Three men were certified dead on the scene. Five more men were rushed to a nearby clinic for medical attention. However, one more victim was declared dead on arrival. The motive of the killing has not yet been established,” he said.

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