George building collapseGeorge Building collapse-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

The tragic collapse of a partially-built multistory building in George has resulted in the confirmed deaths of 24 individuals, as announced by authorities on Monday.

George Building Collapse: Details of the Incident

The incident occurred last week on Monday at around 2 p.m. in George, a coastal city in southern Cape Town. The structure, under construction and believed to be a block of flats, suddenly imploded, sending a massive cloud of dust throughout the neighborhood as the concrete and scaffolding crumbled.

Rescue Efforts and Current Status

At the time of the collapse, 81 individuals were present in the building. Out of these, 53 people have been successfully evacuated. Thirteen are currently receiving medical treatment in hospitals, while 28 individuals remain unaccounted for.

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Rescue teams have been working tirelessly to find and assist survivors. Families of the missing individuals have been gathering at the site, desperately seeking news and hoping for the best.

Ongoing Investigation: Authorities Seek Patience

Police Minister Bheki Cele has called for patience from the affected families as investigations into the cause of the building collapse continue. Speaking at the George Town Hall on Sunday, Minister Cele offered his condolences and assured the families that the authorities are committed to uncovering the reasons behind this disaster.

The collapse has deeply affected the community of George, leaving a lasting impact on those who have lost loved ones and those still waiting for news.

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Continued Rescue and Recovery Operations

Emergency personnel, including specialized search and rescue teams, are continuing their efforts to locate any survivors who might still be trapped under the debris. The operation remains a priority as they work to bring closure and aid to the affected families.

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