Gogo Maweni

Traditional Healer Exposes Celebrity Sangoma Gogo Maweni

In a video that has quickly gone viral on Twitter, a traditional healer has delivered a cautionary message to the reality TV star and self-proclaimed “sangoma” Gogo Maweni, urging her to cease causing spiritual harm and inflicting injuries upon others.


With a wealth of experience spanning 23 years in the field, the traditional healer boldly labeled Gogo Maweni as both a killer and a criminal.

Expressing her firm stance, she went as far as suggesting that Gogo Maweni should be incarcerated for her actions.

“You seem to be proud of being capable of taking a life. I don’t know what is driving you, what motivates you. It’s now too much to watch you. You’re out there on a podium, expressing your narcissistic, sociopathic, immoral, disgusting, unbelievable lack of lack grace that you care in passing without shame, without guilt. You’re proud of what you have the power to do. It is dark, you’re a killer, you’re a criminal, who should be in jail. It’s audacious of the TV company to broadcast your show despite whatever the content.”

“If you lived at a time when sangomas really cared. You would be dead. They would just throw you off a cliff and wash their hands off. You stand out for a practice of pure evil.  Do you not have a mother, a friend who can awaken you to your own reality? You need to come back to yourself. I wonder if you have uhlanga. This is something that’s passed on to you. It’s an ancestor who injects this uhlanga on to you. This is a compulsion to be evil and kill people, kill them spiritually and you cannot help yourself.”

The traditional healer has asked Maweni to look into her criminal activities and that at some point, there will be a reckoning, repercussion for her actions and it might happen to her offspring or mother.

She ends the video by asking:

“Please help us sangomas get rid of this woman [Gogo Maweni] and get her whatever intervention she needs as we want her out of our practice.”

Below are some of the reactions to the video.


“But it’s not like Maweni is actually going to understand any of the stuff she’s saying. On a serious note though, she’s so incredibly fluent and well-spoken!”


“This lady exudes greatness man I hope Maweni listens because honestly you cannot be proud of damaging people’s lives and still convince us that your sane.”


‘Well said! I am genuinely disappointed and disgusted that @MojaLoveTv would broadcast such evil! I share the same sentiments and concluded that this channel clearly only cares about numbers. What is really the purpose of this show? What are you wanting South Africans to learn?”


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