Together Again: Images of AKA and Riky Rick Rekindle Fond Memories
The passing of both AKA and Riky Rick has caused immense sadness among South Africans, as they were close friends during their lifetimes.

Vintage photos of the late rapper AKA with his friend Riky have circulated online and have touched the hearts of many.

AKA’s Family And Friends Visit The Scene Where The Rapper Was Shot

Tragically, AKA was shot and killed on Friday, February 10th outside a restaurant in Durban, as he was en route to celebrate his 35th birthday at Yugo Durban.

Despite receiving medical attention, he unfortunately passed away just a few days after his birthday.

His death has prompted serious debate online as a CCTV footage of the moment he was shot dead suggests that someone sent a hitman to take him out.

It was also with great sorrow that the music community learned of the passing of Riky Rick on February 23, 2022. Reports indicate that he took his own life, though the exact reason for his decision remains unknown.

Old Pictures Of AKA And Riky Rick [Image: Facebook/SA Hip Hop News & Lyrics]

Throughout his life, Riky had been open about his struggles with depression, which he had faced since a young age. His untimely passing came just a few months before his 35th birthday, leaving many to mourn the loss of a talented musician and a kind soul.

AKA and Riky Rick’s friendship began to blossom after AKA had a falling out with Cassper Nyovest, although AKA himself denied that this was the reason for their friendship.

Riky was known for avoiding conflict and drama, and AKA appreciated this quality in him. The two collaborated on several musical projects, including the song “F.R.E.E.” in 2019 and contributing verses to Costa Titch’s hit “Nkalakatha” in 2020.

Unfortunately, in February 2022, Riky Rick took his own life, and just a year later, in February 2023, AKA was killed in a shooting. Their time on this earth has come to an end, and their legacies will live on through their music and the memories they have left behind.

Old pictures of the two late SA hip-hop superstars are trending, and people are wailing that they have been reunited by death.


“My legends. I loved Riky Rick that I went over all social media outlets because I didn’t believe and today I’m still crying because of AKA.”

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