DJ Tira and Tipcee-Image Source(Instagram)

Tipcee Is Back And Ready To Mix It Up At Afrotainment After Falling Out With DJ Tira’s Sister

Tipcee, whose real name is Thandeka Ndaba, has returned to DJ Tira’s Afrotainment label after leaving just three months ago following a dispute with Tira’s sister over a boyfriend.

According to a source within the Afrotainment camp, Tipcee has been forgiven but is still under probation.

She had left the label feeling undervalued, but the move backfired, leaving her broke and unable to make money from bookings.

Tipcee back with Afrotainment-Image Source(Instagram)
Tipcee back with Afrotainment-Image Source(Instagram)

The dispute with Tira’s sister began when they both dated the same guy, and Tipcee attacked him instead of addressing the situation directly. A close source to the label and the artist spilled the beans on the issue saying:

“That’s where it all began. They dated the same guy and then got into a messy fight. But Tipcee dated the guy first. Instead of addressing the guy, Tipcee attacked the guy”

Tipcee back with Afrotainment after fallout with DJ Tira’s sister

Tipcee has confirmed that she and Tira’s sister are now fine, and she is back under the Tira administration in a statement saying:

“Hay, ngikhathele! I am tired of this story and explaining myself. She and I are fine, Tira and I are also fine”

DJ Tira has claimed that he had no idea what was happening between his artist and sister. He is mainly focused on the business side of his artists’ music and does not get into their private lives. The Afrotainment family has welcomed Tipcee back with open arms as Tira says he doesn’t abandon his artists.

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