Paul K-Image Source(Instagram)Paul K-Image Source(Instagram)

Till Infidelity: Gospel Musician Leaves Marital Home For Side Chick

Paul K, a gospel artist from South Africa, left his wife to be with another woman, his former girlfriend and the mother of his child.

His real name is Paul Kganyago. His wife, Victoria Kganyago, discovered the affair when she was pregnant with their third child in 2020. She tried to save their marriage, but Paul continued to cheat on her. Eventually, Victoria left him.

Paul K-Image Source(Instagram)
Paul K-Image Source(Instagram)

In her statement to the publication, Victoria said:

“Paul K is the father of my three children, and I learnt that he was cheating on me when I was preparing to give birth to our third child. I was at my parental home in Pretoria because I went back home during previous pregnancies to give birth.

“I realised when I went back to our marital house that he had been with someone else, and later it was revealed he was cheating on me with his long-time ex-girlfriend. It did not make sense because Paul and I have been married for 15 years, and he never showed remorse or willingness to leave the woman when I confronted him about it.

“I could not take it anymore, so I had to leave, and I thought that he would note my absence and do something about it, but nothing happened. it still makes no sense.”

Gospel musician leaves wife for a side chick

They have been married for 15 years and have three children. Victoria has not filed for divorce yet, but she is thinking about it.

Paul K-Image Source(Instagram)
Paul K-Image Source(Instagram)

“I am healing better than I thought I would, and I also realised that having a man in the gospel does not guarantee a lifetime relationship.”

Lindiwe Ndala, Paul’s side chick and baby mama confirmed to Sunday World that she is dating him. Paul is said to have proposed a polygamous marriage, but Victoria refused. The musician and Lindiwe share a child who is his first child. He said they dated since they were in school, but life had other plans for them.

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