Costa Titch and Robot Boii-Image Source(Instagram)Costa Titch and Robot Boii-Image Source(Instagram)

Throwback Pictures of Costa Titch working at a restaurant leave Mzansi emotional

A picture of Robot Boii, a singer who can do many things, and the late rapper Costa Titch working in a restaurant has made people in South Africa emotional.

Costa Titch, whose real name is Constantinos Tsobanoglou, died on March 11 after collapsing while performing. Some reports say he had epilepsy and had a seizure.

There is a video online that shows Costa Titch performing at the Johannesburg Ultra Music Festival. He fell awkwardly while he was singing to the audience.

One of his dancers quickly helped him up, and he continued singing for a few seconds before he stopped and fell off the stage again.

After he fell, Costa Titch started convulsing violently. Then his crew and the event security team carried him off the stage. This was his final moment, and it was heartbreaking.

Costa Titch and Robot Boii worked at a restaurant before fame

Costa Titch and Robot Boii-Image Source(Instagram)
Costa Titch and Robot Boii-Image Source(Instagram)

Costa Titch’s death shocked South African celebrities who posted tributes to him. International celebrities like Dua Lipa and Akon have also posted their tribute to the late rapper.

Robot Boii, who is a rapper, dancer, drummer, and presenter, expressed his sadness at Costa Titch’s death.

He posted a picture of the two of them when they worked together in a restaurant a long time ago. In the picture, they both wore red checked shirts, and they looked young and full of energy.

Costa Titch was the smallest in the picture, and he had a stylish mohawk. He calmly looked at the camera.

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