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Sangoma and reality TV sensation, Gogo Maweni, has recently left the online community astounded as she experienced bites from her own snakes.

The renowned traditional healer, known by her birth name Makgotso Lee-Anne Makopo, holds the title of the most famous sangoma in Mzansi. She often stirs controversy by taking her followers into the ancestral world through various mediums.

Gogo Maweni’s Colorful Personal Life

Aside from her spiritual practices, Gogo Maweni’s fame has been fueled by her publicized relationships, including those with actor SK Khoza and footballer Siyabonga Zulu. Notably, she confessed to bewitching them due to their alleged irresponsibility as fathers on a Podcast And Chill episode.

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Gogo Maweni bitten by snake
Gogo Maweni and her snakes-Image Source@X

Mysteries in the Ancestral Hut

However, it is her unconventional sangoma practices that have sparked widespread attention. Critics often raise concerns about the perceived elements of witchcraft in her rituals. Gogo Maweni’s ancestral hut contains an array of peculiar artifacts, including human bones and a monkey’s skeleton.

Adding to the intrigue, she keeps owls and snakes as pets in her home, even sharing her bed with them.

Unfortunate Turn of Events

Recently, Gogo Maweni’s claim that her snakes are merely pets and not used for rituals was challenged when one of her snakes bit her. The incident occurred as she appeared to be affectionately handling one of her reptilian companions, resulting in a bite to the back of her hand that drew blood.

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Gogo Maweni took to her social media account to share the aftermath of the snake bite, accompanied by the caption, “Snake bites 😫😫.”

Public Reaction

Social media users expressed mixed sentiments regarding the incident:

Xolanie: “Uhaleleni ungafi?… Or is it content.”

Dembo: “Have you taken out the Venom?”

Shorty: “What is the first aid for a snake bite?”

Tshepang: “@GogoMaweni you are fine 🥺🥺 I hope you feel better now maybe you could share some information on how to deal with snake bites thokoza gogo 👏🫶🏽”

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