Pastor Gwala and Nosipho’s sex reveal party is about to take a turn, not in a good way. His son Nkazimulo’s unexpected visit will ensure that it ends in tears.

Nosipho and Pastor Gwala can’t seem to catch a break. Just as they think things are coming together and a bomb drops.

Last week the couple celebrated the sex reveal of the child, and it’s a boy, and the party was beautiful, with gifts floating everywhere. The boy’s arrival cuts the party short, and pastor Gwala gets rid of all the guests.

The teasers mention that the boy is not on good terms with his father and avoids him like the plague. So why is he there?

Nosipho’s baby kicks for the first time on Wednesday, and Nkazimulo gets very annoyed by this.

Nkunzi receives Mthambisi’s cufflink from his sofa.

Gabisile has been risking it all lately for a man she hardly even knows. Last week she was about to dump Nkunzi for Mthambisi when Nkunzi received a phone call informing him of a family emergency toft he had to attend to for several days.

Gabisile on Uzalo
Gabisile on Uzalo. Image: Twitter

Gabi has been sneaking Mthambisi for some time now and wants her to leave Nkunzi for him. So he is starting to leave incrementing evidence in the house to push the process forward faster. In the newly released video, Nkunzi finds a cufflink in the corner 9f his sofa, which alarms him. He questions Gabisile, and she panics, calling Flavia for advice.

Nkunzi is growing closer and closer to the truth.

Speaking of Mthambisi, he is having private meetings with Colonel Mabaso and remembers her that he is calling the shots.
Mabaso is the same woman that walked into the police station and released Vika when he got arrested. He must have sent her to do it if she is working with Putin, but why?

Sbu gets an unwelcome visit from Mondli

Mondli has launched a serious investigation into Putin, and he comes after Sbu for information. Putin has been seen hanging around Sbu, and Mondli wants to know the 411. Mondli mentions that keeping secrets for Mthambisi is unnecessary because he is rich and Sbu is not.

Watch the highlights below:

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