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Philani Magwaza is back

When Philani left, he had ensured that he had the Cele’s exactly where he wanted them. After helping Sphe kill Winston and then strangely taking off, everyone thought it was over, but he is back, and this time, he is coming for everything.

Philani is after Moroka media, and he will get dirty to get the company.

Philani helped Sphe kill Winston and bury him, but after everything, Sphe and Mazwi burnt the body so no one would ever find him. Philani has recordings of that incident and he 8s blackmailing Cele with them.

Thembeka is awake

Thembeka worked with Philani in the Holy House; remember her? She is the ex- prostitute that fell into a coma after Oby and Philani poisoned her.

She has come out of the coma, and the Police are asking her to give up Philani and Oby, but she is afraid of what they might do to her.

Mbali was caught in the middle of a deadly occult in the Holy House and nearly lost her life in a horrible fire that killed many congregants. Philani forced Mbali to pin the whole ordeal in Thembeka.

Killing at the commune

On Friday night, Mpho had a murderous visitor, Maradona. He found out that Mpho was investigating him and had pointed a gun at Mpho, about to shoot him, a gun did go off, but it was Dali’s.

Dali has killed Maradona and done it right there at the commune. The commander is coming after his badge for this mess, but Dali wants a deal.
Mpho found out that Dali had been the mole and gave Maradona a heads up about a sting operation that ended with a group of Police dying and another paralysed.

Sphe finally shares how she feels about Mazwi and Tracy’s relationship.

Sphe doesn’t want her daughter anywhere near an ex-prostitute. Tracy walks in on her giving Mazwi an earful; she thinks Mazwi isn’t making a good example for their daughter by dating a woman who resorts to selling her body for money.

In the meantime, Sphe has walked into her nightmare with Philani Magwaza; she will give him her shares, so he doesn’t get her and Mazwi arrested for Winston’s murder. Nkosiyabo is unhappy about his return.

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