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This Is Why Fans Have Turned Against Big Brother Mzansi’s Themba ‘Broly’ Mabaso

After his public split with his girlfriend, Mpho WaBadimo, Themba ‘Broly’ Mabaso, a former Big Brother Mzansi third-place winner and beloved housemate, has experienced a significant backlash from fans.

His once-popular image has taken a hit, and things seem to have taken a turn for the worse.

After his highly-publicized split from his girlfriend Mpho WaBadimo, many of his fans have turned against him.

This decline in popularity could be attributed to his recent actions, which were brought to light by his ex-girlfriend Mpho WaBadimo on social media.

As fans continue to process the news of Themba ‘Broly’ Mabaso’s break-up, many are beginning to distance themselves from him.

This was evident in one of his events that was lined up for April and people made it clear that they will not be attending.

Mpho Wabadimo disappointed by Themba Broly for Bona magazine

In February 2023, Mpho WaBadimo was celebrated for becoming the second covergirl for the newly re-established magazine, Bona.

The announcement of her pregnancy with her second child, which was with Themba ‘Broly’ Mabaso, was also made official.

The cover shoot featured Mpho alone, and she looked radiant and content. Her achievement was celebrated by fellow celebrities and fans alike, making her the talk of the town.

Fans also expressed skepticism about attending Themba ‘Broly’ Mabaso’s meet and greet event due to his absence from Mpho WaBadimo and the Bona Magazine team’s pregnancy cover shoot.

Mabaso has gained a reputation for not showing up to events, which has made fans hesitant to commit to attending his events.

Below are some of the comments on social media after he announced one of his events.

Zen Xavier:

You can’t even address us but you want us to waste our money on petrol so we can meet you? Ende futhi you won’t pitch. Waze wangdina.”

Nhlanhla Mpilo

“Imagine lapho you have a problem of ghosting people”

Leevhu Leaks

“That awkward moment when you go and he doesn’t pitch up” 

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