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This Is Why AKA’s Landlord Removed The Rapper’s Furniture From The Bryanston Apartment

The furniture from the rented house in Bryanston, previously occupied by the late rapper AKA, known for showcasing an impressive collection of high-end vehicles on social media, has been taken away.

Sunday World reports that the removal comes as the landlord, Nthsimane Mekoa, terminated the lease agreement following the rapper’s unfortunate passing.

These revealing details will discredit any assertions that AKA was the actual owner of the property, which he prominently featured on television during the production of his well-received show, The Braai Show with AKA.

This will definitively dismiss any speculation surrounding the settlement of the house bond, valued at over R4 million, using funds from the late rapper’s life insurance payout.

“It was not his house. He was renting the property and was paying about R40 000 a month. I know people thought this was his house because of the vehicles he was driving,” said AKA’s close ally, who did not want to be named for fear of victimisation.

Among the impressive collection of vehicles driven by the renowned artist, Supa Mega, was a BMW i8 valued at a minimum of R2 million, as well as a BMW X7 worth over R2.6 million, which he had acquired shortly before his untimely demise.

According to a source close to the situation, Mekoa informed AKA’s family about the termination of the lease agreement and requested them to visit the complex to retrieve his personal belongings.

“They collected and apparently locked them up in storage,” said the ally.

This despite AKA, born Kiernan Forbes,  allegedly paying his rent in advance until September this year.

When the  publication visited the luxury apartment, a neighbour revealed that AKA’s unit had been occupied by a new tenant since April.

“The apartment is already taken. The landlord got a new tenant over a month ago. It is just a normal person, no one famous.  The apartment was empty after AKA passed away and then his family came to take his things.”

The neighbor additionally disclosed that the popular musician, known for the hit song “Lemonade,” had moved into the apartment together with media personality Bonang Matheba.

I remember they moved in
together when they were still dating. It was fully furnished and then Bonang removed the furniture and added her own then left everything there with AKA when they broke up.”

Mekoa denied that he evicted the star, stating that he had a mutual agreement with the family to move his belongings.

“AKA passed away. There was no one staying in the apartment, so we had to get someone new,” he said.

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