Thickleeyonce In The Thick Of Things – Again

A tweet by controversial body positivity influencer Thickleeyonce has divided the timeline again. Skinny and fat twitter is at a tug of war after the plus-size model tweeted about how fat people aren’t allowed to eat takeaways in public without snide healthy eating remarks being made. 

@ThickLeeyonce I see skinny people tweeting about eating KFC for breakfast , no one will say anything about their health, but let me talk about craving chocolate at 8am, then everyone is a doctor who’s worried about my health. Please. Gtfoh.

Some tweeps did not take well to the label skinnies and claimed that this was reverse fat-shaming i.e. skinny shaming. Whereas some TL influencers and celebrities the likes of singer Simphiwe Dana supported her, skinny Twitter was offended by the tweet and all hell broke loose as the gloves went off.  

@simphiwedana Replying to @ThickLeeyonce The way the skinnies are dying of liver and lung problems that time 

@DItswhatever Replying to @simphiwedana and @ThickLeeyonceI think you could have used a better word than “skinnies” because if someone were to come on here and say “Fatties” it would be an issue or you’d call it “bOdY ShAmiNg”

@naledimashishi At this point I’m convinced there’s a group of thin women who seek to victimise themselves via Thickleeyonce because there’s no ways this can be read as an attack on anything other than double standards

@Neo_ur I wish thickleeyonce was attacking skinny women then y’all would have a real reason to act like victims goddamn

This is not the first Thickleeyonce is at loggerheads with skinny Twitter, it seems she can never say anything right and anything she says to highlight the challenges fuller-figured women face as opposed to the more desired skinny women, declares war.


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