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Zoe Mthiyane, once a beloved star on small screens, has left fans wondering about her whereabouts since her dramatic departure from Generations: The Legacy.

The Rise and Fall

Once a darling of the small screen, Zoe Mthiyane mesmerized audiences with her unparalleled acting prowess. However, her exit from Generations: The Legacy took a tumultuous turn, leading to a series of headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Reasons Behind Zoe Mthiyane’s Exit from Generations

Seasoned actress Zoe Mthiyane shed light on the reasons behind her woes and dramatic exit from Generations: The Legacy during an exclusive interview on Unfollowed.

A Glimpse into Her Private Life

During this revealing interview, the bubbly actress peeled back the layers of her private life, which had remained concealed for years. She delved into topics ranging from toxic relationships to her marriage and character assassination.

A Love Triangle Unveiled

Zoe unveiled the intriguing story behind her exit, claiming that it revolved around a love triangle involving her co-star, Rapulana Seiphemo (Tau Mogale), and another woman within their circle. She asserted, “That rumor came from the very person who then fell pregnant with my fun person and her people in production. I knew I was being sabotaged. I knew they were trying to get me gone.”

Rumors Behind the Dramatic Exit

However, Sunday World had previously reported a different version of events, suggesting that the actress was written off the drama series after collapsing on set. Unconfirmed reports hinted at tardiness and alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, Zoe Mthiyane refuted these rumors emphatically in her recent interview.

Sources close to Sunday World alleged that the actress struggled to focus on her work due to battles with depression and bullying from her co-actor’s girlfriend. In her most recent interview, Zoe didn’t openly admit to being fired but instead praised Mfundi Vundla for guiding her towards therapy. She also expressed gratitude to the rest of the cast and crew for their support during her darkest moments.


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