Eva Modika and Inno MorolongEva Modika and Inno Morolong -Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Social media was abuzz with intrigue when renowned influencers, Inno Morolong and Eva Modika, were spotted in France alongside prominent ANC figures Zizi Kodwa and Bheki Cele.

The quartet journeyed to witness South Africa’s historic triumph in the Rugby World Cup final against New Zealand, marking South Africa’s fourth men’s Rugby World Cup victory, a record-breaking achievement.

Unraveling the Mystery: Why Were Morolong and Modika with ANC Officials in France?

While celebrations erupted across South Africa for the Springboks’ success, questions arose about Morolong and Modika’s presence in France. Morolong provided some clues on her Instagram story, sharing clips of her and Bheki Cele at the airport, as well as her and Eva Modika dancing with Zizi Kodwa.

Speculation Surrounding Their Association with ANC Leadership

On X (formerly Twitter), a user @jozitube shared these clips, emphasizing the frequent appearances of the two socialites at ANC events, although their exact roles remain enigmatic.

“ANC bosses went to have fun with slay queens in FRANCE. Inno Morolong and Eva Modika are in all ANC events, but it’s not clear what services they provide.”

Public Reaction to Inno Morolong and Eva Modika’s Journey

This post ignited a flurry of comments from X users, with various perspectives on Inno Morolong and Eva Modika’s trip with high-ranking ANC officials. Some speculated that public funds might have funded the trip, while others pondered the services provided by the two socialites, suggesting they were the ANC’s ‘partners’. There was also a segment of commenters who acknowledged that ANC members deserve leisure time.

User Comments:

  • @MsKabzela: Treasury has budgetary constraints; SARS imposing penalties on dormant companies to fund these kinds of activities.
  • @khuliso_: What were they supposed to do, take laptops and start working in France?
  • @slave4202: It’s clear they provide entertainment, nothing else.
  • @Lefa2007: I guess they are service providers or consultants.
  • @simonafrika29: We live in a state owned by mafia pretending to care.


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