Dj Tira and Gugu KhathiDJ Tira and Gugu Khathi-Image Source@Instagram

‘They Are In An Open Marriage’: Mzansi Reacts As DJ Tira’s Wife Gugu Khathi Is Accused Of Cheating

Gugu Khathi, the wife of popular South African DJ Tira, has been in the news recently after rumours started circulating that she was allegedly cheating on her husband.

Musa Khawula, a gossip blogger, shared with the world that Gugu Khathi was seen being intimate with another man on the SUV challenge.

This is not the first time that cheating allegations have been thrown at the couple, as DJ Tira himself has been accused of cheating on his wife on a number of occasions. Last year, there were rumours that the couple was headed for a divorce.

Gugu Khathi and DJ Tira
DJ Tira and Gugu Khathi-Image Source@Instagram

However, Gugu Khathi poured cold water on the allegations and stated that they were still married but not living in the same house. Despite her statement, rumours of their impending divorce continued to spread.

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DJ Tira and Gugu Khathi’s Marriage

Fans have been speculating that the couple has an open marriage, which is why they are able to maintain their relationship despite allegations of infidelity. However, neither DJ Tira nor Gugu Khathi has confirmed or denied these claims. The couple has been together for over a decade and has been open about the struggles they have faced in their relationship.

In an interview, DJ Tira spoke about how he and his wife had to work through their issues and rebuild their relationship after he was accused of cheating. Gugu Khathi has also been open about her personal struggles, including dealing with depression and anxiety. She has spoken about how her husband has been supportive during these difficult times, and how they have worked together to overcome their challenges.

DJ Tira and wife
Gugu Khathi and DJ Tira-Image Source@Twitter

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Dealing with Marriage in the Spotlight

Despite the rumours and allegations, the couple has continued to stay together and support each other. They have also been successful in their professional lives, with DJ Tira being one of the most popular DJs in South Africa and Gugu Khathi being a successful businesswoman and influencer.

It’s not easy dealing with a marriage in the spotlight, and DJ Tira and Gugu Khathi are no strangers to this. However, they have shown that they are committed to their marriage and are willing to work through any challenges that come their way.



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