Natasha Thahane and ThembiNatasha Thahane and baby daddy Lorch-Image Source(Instagram)

Renowned actress Natasha Thahane is making headlines on the occasion of her birthday, but there’s an intriguing twist to the story as her baby daddy Thembinkosi Lorch blueticks Natasha Thahane’s birthday.

Thembinkosi Lorch’s Birthday Silence

Despite Natasha Thahane’s heartfelt cryptic birthday tribute, Orlando Pirates star Thembinkosi Lorch remained conspicuously silent, leaving fans puzzled.

Social Media Birthday Wishes

Social media platforms were abuzz with birthday wishes for Natasha Thahane as Mzansi joined the vivacious actress in celebrating her special day. However, Thembinkosi Lorch’s absence from the online festivities raised eyebrows.

Natasha Thahane celebrates son's birthday
Natasha Thahane and son-Image Source(Instagram)

Did Thembinkosi Lorch simply ignore Natasha Thahane’s birthday, or did he opt for a more private celebration away from the public eye? There were no visible mentions of Natasha Thahane’s birthday on any of his social media profiles, leaving many to speculate about the status of their relationship.

Complicated Relationship?

Over the years, Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch have consistently been in the spotlight due to their intricate relationship. The couple initially kept fans guessing about their status by sharing vacation photos on social media, denying any romantic involvement. However, they eventually confirmed their relationship months later.

Amidst ongoing speculation, there were whispers of a secret traditional wedding, kept tightly under wraps. Details of the alleged wedding only surfaced when photos started circulating on social media.

What’s Next?

As Mzansi tries to decipher the significance of Thembinkosi Lorch’s birthday silence, questions about the couple’s relationship status continue to linger. Will they address the speculation and provide clarity, or will their love story remain a captivating enigma?

Published on September 26, 2023

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