The River Review: Is the principal pulling a Modiri on Rakgadi?

Is the principal of Refilwe High school pulling a Modiri on Rakgadi?

The River had fans frustrated as usual last night when Rakgadi didn’t get the job she was promised by the principal of Refilwe High school. It’s now clear that the writers are obsessed with giving the viewer’s heartache and stress by depicting failure with the Refilwe characters. 

The current storyline: Rakgadi is the aunt to the Mokoena children. She did her Ph.D. in prison after killing her husband and hasn’t been able to get employed because of her criminal record.

She was a teacher before she got arrested and married. Then her late husband started abusing her and threatened to kill her until she killed him to defend herself. 

She came out of prison and started living with the Mokoena children because she had nowhere to go. In reality, though, Rakgadi was introduced to the show to replace Malefu who was killed off on the show. 

We’ve seen Rakgadi struggling to get income in various episodes like when she worked for Beauty at her salon. But her hopes were dashed in last night’s episode when she arrived at the school and was told the post is no longer available. 

She went to the interview skeptical because of her criminal record, then went to the school to convince the principal that she was the right candidate for the job.  She got the call from the principal that she got the job, until last night. 

In a previous episode, we saw Rakgadi judging Beauty for sleeping with Modiri for her salon. It now seems like the table has turned on her as the job she wanted is no longer available. 

However. Fans are wondering if the principal wants Rakgadi to sleep with him to get her job. It doesn’t make sense as to how her job could’ve vanished and why he didn’t call her before she arrived at school that the job is no longer available.

The show is constantly teaching the audience valuable life lessons by depicting the harsh realities of living in the townships/Kasi. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was another lesson they wanted to teach the viewers. Could this be Rakgadi’s karma?

We know that she’s a principled woman who never stoops so low. But how much longer will she endure the humiliation of being unemployed and being supported by her nephew Cobra who has two kids to feed as well? 


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