The Reason Pearl Thusi Doesn’t Use Sex Toys

Netflix’s Queen Sono actress; Pearl Thusi recently went on Twitter and asked tweeps if they use sex toys.

“Are y’all into sex toys? Low key, I think they’re gross but I suspect I’m just more afraid because can’t take those types of risks with two kids in the house lol.”

The controversial actress got tweeps lolling hard when some tweeps agreed with her that they’re unsafe for kids and animals too. 

One tweep uploaded a video of a dog chewing its owner’s sex toy and another tweep uploaded a video of a child who brought his mother’s vibrator, which he thought was a rocket ship to school.

Here are some reactions regarding her tweet: 

“Lock your bedroom, play nice music….. They won’t hear a thing.”

“Looking for validation.”

“Can I prophesy? Send your kids to their granny’s Pearl, you’ll receive a miracle.”

“At least you know them through pictures, I only hear about them from people. Don’t even wanna see them.”

“You can’t believe when I tell you that I’ve never seen them live that stuff. I only know it through pictures.”

The mother of two previously thanked tweeps for dragging her on social media, making her trend, and elevating her career.

The actress and TV presenter tweeted:

“The fact that I can rile you up and get your attention repeatedly with frivolity, that’s worth (bag of cash emojis). All your engagement, the fact that you care, with your time and date. Until you stop caring even to drag me, it all translates to (bag of cash emoji).

However, her tweet didn’t stop trolls from insulting her further. The actress has been insulted throughout her career from her beef with Bonang Matheba, her friendship with DJ Zinhle, and her broken engagement to sports presenter; Robert Marawa.

The actress was also dragged through the mud recently when Queen Sono 2 got canceled by Netflix. Tweeps blamed her for the cancellation of the second series as many deemed it ‘horrible’ and a miss. This prompted her followers to start a petition for Netflix to approve the second series and for the actress to promote the petition on her social media. 

Queen Sono was also compared to Kings of Joburg which was also a Netflix series…created by Ferguson Films. It is unclear which series tweeps preferred to watch more and it is unclear if Netflix will be giving Queen Sono 2 the green light at this stage.


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