Lettie Lebohang diesLettie Lebohang-Image Source@iharare

The mystery surrounding Lebohang Lettie Mpyana’s untimely passing has now been unravelled.

Lebohang tragically departed last Wednesday at the age of 34, casting a shadow of sorrow over her family and the entire nation.

The Heart-Wrenching Announcement

Initially, a spokesperson for the family had announced her passing as a consequence of a brief illness, yet no further specifics were shared.

In an official statement released at the time, T. Mpyana, the family spokesperson, expressed their sorrow, stating:

“With deep sadness, we announce the passing of our beloved daughter, Lebohang Mpyana. Lebo left us after a short battle with illness.”

Lebohang Mpyana’s True Cause of Demise Unveiled: A Tragic Tale Beginning with a Headache

Lettie Lebohang dies
Lettie Lebohang-Image Source@iharare

The shroud of uncertainty surrounding the circumstances of Lebohang Mpyana’s demise has finally been lifted. Her uncle, Augustine Mpyana, has now shed light on the sequence of events leading to her passing. He disclosed to the Daily Sun that the actress had been plagued by a severe headache in the days preceding her untimely departure. Augustine Mpyana narrated how her health deteriorated rapidly, culminating in breathing difficulties.

He also shared that the family is still struggling to come to terms with this sudden loss, saying:

“She was just complaining about her health. Then came the shortness of breath. This was unexpected. As a family, we are deeply saddened by her departure.”

Memorial Service and Funeral Arrangements

Furthermore, Augustine Mpyana revealed that a memorial service in honour of the actress will be held at the Polokwane Library Gardens in Limpopo tomorrow. The funeral is scheduled for Saturday, November 11, in Mmotong, Limpopo.

Lebohang Mpyana was celebrated for her vibrant and comedic portrayal of Khelina, and she often delighted her fans with humour on her social media platforms.

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