Themba Ndaba and new wife-Image Source@InstagramThemba Ndaba and new wife-Image Source@Instagram

The Queen’s ‘Uncle Brutus’ Themba Ndaba Gets Married For The Third Time

South African actor Themba Ndaba recently tied the knot and shared pictures of his wife after lobola payments. It was an excellent weekend for Themba and his family as they officially welcomed a new member.

The Queen’s Uncle Brutus’ Themba Ndaba Gets Married

Most of Themba’s roles in drama soapies like The Queen are controversial regarding relationships. He is generally portrayed as a womanizer in shows, and fans enjoy that he doesn’t want to stay alone, even in real life.

Many fans believed that Themba would not marry again after his failed marriage with Sophie Ndaba. However, the 58-year-old star introduced his wife in style by expressing his joy on Instagram: “MaNdaba & Ndaba Mr & Mrs Ndabs❤️💍”.


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Themba Ndaba’s Previous Marriages

Themba was first married to fellow actress Sophie Ndaba in 1998 before they divorced in 2007. Many fans were left heartbroken by their divorce as they imagined them being a power couple like Connie and Shona.

After Sophie, Themba had been private about his personal life, but now he has revealed the woman behind his smile. Even though many fans were not sure if they had been staying together for long, they all wished them well.

Mzansi Reacts to Themba Ndaba’s Marriage

Now a married man, Themba left fans remembering his days on The Queen with Shaka as some congratulated him. Some top celebs like Abdul Khoza wished the married couple a great future.

Fans reacted with comments such as “Congratulations 🎉 happy 🎉🎉🎉 a man who chooses a good wife is wise ❤️” and “Congratulations Family! God Bless you eternally 🧡✊🏽”.

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