The Queen February Spoilers

Mvelo gets kidnapped

Goodness and Kagiso’s daughter will get kidnapped by another unknown Khoza rival next month. The Khoza’ are going to hunt down her kidnappers until they find her. Harriet and Shaka are going to disappear at some point when they go looking for Mvelo…what’s going to happen to them?

Who are the two possible suspects for the kidnapping? 


Charles recently gave the Khoza’s a million rand. He probably kidnapped Mvelo to get a ransom and get his money back. Noma might probably save the baby because Charles has a soft spot for her.

Gertrude and Kop

There’s no mention yet as to who will play the role of Gertrude and Kop, but they are the other suspects for the kidnapping. 

Teasers’ clue: Gertrude’s desire to see the Khozas suffer leaves Kop worried they will get caught.

The hunt for Mvelo will continue throughout the month!

Siyanda’s financial woes deepen

Dollar is going to find out that Siyanda stole his money and will try by all means to back the 2million, but at what cost? Her best friend; Schumacher is going to try to help her…will he steal from the Sebata’s to save his friend?

The Sebata’s are going to keep a secret from one of their own…what is the secret?

We know that Dollar isn’t one to mess with and if Siyanda doesn’t pay back the money, she might get killed. P.S. this will be the first time that Dollar and Siyanda interact with one another; the two are husband and wife on Scandal.

Another alternative will be for Siyanda to have an affair with Dollar and become his mistress or work for him as his drug mule.

Vuyiswa and Hector’s relationship

Rapulana Seiphemo joined the show to replace Jerry Maake in every aspect. In February, Hector is going to develop feelings for Jerry’s wife; Vuyiswa  Maake. 

Hector killed Jerry, so his relationship with Vuyiswa won’t be smooth sailing as he’s going to be filled with guilt for killing Jerry. 

Vuyiswa will feel guilty for developing feelings for Hector…is it too soon for her to move on? The only person who can get Vuyiswa out of this rut is Petronella. She’s going to obviously advise her to go for it.

These two won’t be great together…their relationship will only spell disaster as it will end in tears. 


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