Thabo Bester and Her Majesty-Image Source@InstagramThabo Bester and Her Majesty-Image Source@Instagram

The Mommy Club Star Her Majesty Recalls Encounter with Thabo Bester

Happy Simelane, popularly known as Her Majesty, shared a chilling account of her near-encounter with Thabo Bester, the convicted rapist and murderer, during a recent episode of Showmax’s The Mommy Club.

As the reality TV star and successful businesswoman spoke about her harrowing experience, she found herself facing accusations of seeking attention from fellow cast member Ratile Mabitsela. However, Her Majesty firmly denied these claims, explaining that she shared her story with the media to raise awareness, unaware at the time that the person she had encountered was Thabo Bester.

Unveiling the Shocking Truth

In the video of her meeting with Bester, he suggested she collaborate with individuals who produce luxury content on social media. Her Majesty also provided evidence in the form of screenshots of WhatsApp conversations, which revealed discussions about a flight ticket from Dubai to Johannesburg and talks of a 12-month contract promising vast sums of money, allegedly totaling $3.2 million (approximately R55 million). She further revealed having voice notes and text messages as additional proof of the encounter. Additionally, she mentioned speaking to Bester’s girlfriend and accomplice, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana.

The Notorious Couple’s Legal Woes

Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester-Image Source@Instagram
Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester-Image Source@Instagram

Thabo Bester and Dr. Nandipha have dominated headlines during the first half of 2023. Their story came to light after Ground Up exposed Bester’s audacious escape from Mangaung Correctional Services in Bloemfontein on May 3, 2022, where he was initially believed to have died in a fire.

Bester had been serving a life sentence for the murder of his then-girlfriend and saleswoman, Nomfundo Tyhulu, in Cape Town, as well as for the rape and aggravated robbery of two women in Durban. He was also responsible for multiple rapes and robberies across at least four provinces.

Currently, Bester is detained at Kgosi Mampuru II C-max prison in Pretoria, while Dr. Nandipha is kept in the hospital wing of the Kroonstad Correctional Centre in the Free State. Both will appear in court on August 8, along with 11 co-accused, including Dr. Nandipha’s father, Zolile Sekeleni.

Standing Strong Against Human Trafficking

Her Majesty’s brave revelation sheds light on the dangers of human trafficking and the importance of being vigilant. By sharing her story, she hopes to raise awareness and prevent others from falling victim to similar schemes.

As the legal proceedings continue, it is evident that Her Majesty remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice and in fighting against the heinous crimes perpetrated by individuals like Thabo Bester.

Stay tuned for updates on the court appearance of Thabo Bester and Dr. Nandipha, as the nation awaits justice for their numerous victims.

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