The Lorch Legacy Continues?| Watch, Natasha Thahane's Son Dazzles with Soccer Moves

The Lorch Legacy Continues?| Watch, Natasha Thahane’s Son Dazzles with Soccer Moves

Actress Natasha Thahane delighted her followers by sharing an uncommon Instagram Story on Sunday featuring her son joyfully playing with a ball.

Many fans strongly believe that Thembinkosi Lorch, the talented Orlando Pirates star, is the father of her child, although he has chosen to remain silent regarding the child’s paternity.


Natasha Thahane proudly took to Instagram on Sunday to showcase her son’s impressive soccer skills to her 5.6 million followers.

In the video, her son displayed remarkable footwork as he played with a ball, hinting at a promising future as a soccer star, just like his father.

Watch the video below.


There have been persistent rumors suggesting that Thembinkosi Lorch, Natasha’s on-and-off boyfriend and a prominent soccer star, is the father of her one-year-old son.

However, no official confirmation or statement has been made regarding the child’s paternity.


Natasha Thahane, known for her role in “Blood & Water,” and Thembinkosi Lorch initially ignited speculation about their romance in June 2021 when they were seen together on a “baecation” in Zanzibar.

However, their relationship has since been characterized by an on-and-off dynamic, leaving fans guessing about their status.

For several months, the true nature of their relationship remained undisclosed. Then, in March 2022, Natasha surprised the public by announcing her pregnancy, adding to the intrigue.

On April 7, she gave birth to her child, heightening the mystery surrounding the identity of the child’s father.

Amidst the ongoing mystery, a considerable number of people were convinced that Thembinkosi Lorch is indeed the father of Natasha’s child.

This belief gained strength when both Lorch and Natasha shared Instagram Stories from the same location, seemingly on vacation together, in June 2022.

Adding to the intrigue, the couple sparked rumors of infidelity and breakups, but later in November 2022, Natasha surprised fans by sharing photos of herself wearing traditional attire.

This led many to speculate that she might have gotten married in a private ceremony.

However, neither Natasha nor Lorch confirmed their relationship status, let alone any marriage.

It remains a subject of speculation and uncertainty, leaving fans to wonder about the true nature of their connection.


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