BonangxHouse of BNG-Image Source@TwitterBonangxHouse of BNG-Image Source@Twitter

‘The End’ Bonang Matheba Wins House Of BNG Against CSA In Court

According to recent reports, Celebrity Services Africa (CSA) has withdrawn their claim on the House of BNG brand, owned by media personality Bonang Matheba. CSA confirmed that it has no claim or financial interest in the business affairs of Bonang, her entertainment company, BNG South Africa Pty Ltd, or in the House of BNG brand and trademarks owned by Bonang Matheba. The longstanding dispute between Bonang and CSA has been settled, with CSA stating that it no longer represents Bonang or any of these entities.

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Bonang Reacts to CSA’s Statement

BonangxHouse of BNG
BonangxHouse of BNG-Image Source@Twitter

Bonang reportedly confirmed CSA’s statement and expressed her delight that the agency has finally admitted the truth. She also took to her Twitter account, seemingly celebrating the news, stating that it was “A heist gone wrong!! Lol!! The End.”

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Background on the Dispute

The legal battle between Bonang and CSA started when she terminated her contract with her management team, CSA Global, via a live Twitter Spaces audio stream in October 2021. This was reportedly because she was “muscled” out of House of BNG by her former management company. CSA claimed that Bonang breached several contracts, stating that she had been derelict to her clients and her own brands for the past six months.

BonangxHouse of BNG-Image Source@Twitter
BonangxHouse of BNG-Image Source@Twitter

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The dispute between Bonang and CSA has been ongoing, with Bonang suing a former friend and YouTuber Rea Gopane for R500,000 after he accused her of cocaine use. Bonang has denied the allegations and maintained that her brand, House of BNG, is her “heart and soul”.

However, with CSA’s recent statement, it seems that the legal battle between Bonang and her former management team has come to an end.

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