Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)

‘The Disrespected Me’ Tbo Touch Explains Why He Blueticked The Royalty Soapie Awards

Tbo Touch, whose real name is Thabo Molefe, did not attend the 6th Royalty Soapie Awards, where he was supposed to give the lifetime achievement award to Connie Chiume, a veteran actress. Touch said he was invited to the event through social media and felt disrespected. Though he was criticized for not showing up, he defended his decision.

Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)
Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)

During the awards ceremony, Mpho Popps presented the award to Chiume, much to Tbo Touch’s surprise. The awards organizers contacted him directly without going through the proper channels, which made the famous radio DJ feel disrespected and his work not respected.

Tbo Touch says the Royalty Soapie Awards disrespected him

Touch, a radio DJ on Metro FM, later explained why he didn’t attend the same show. He was shocked when he received a phone call asking him about his whereabouts a few minutes before the awards began.

According to Tbo Touch, the Royalty Soapie Awards team invited him directly. This is not the usual way to ask a celebrity to do something, and celebrities get invited to these events through their management team, not via a DM.

He said there were procedures to follow and apologized to Chiume, promising to make it up to her next year.

Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)
Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)

Tbo Touch’s publicist, Simphiwe Majola, confirmed that Touch did not attend the event. He believes there might have been a misunderstanding at the office regarding how Touch was invited. The Awards team apologized to the DJ and promised to do better next time.

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