Thabo Bester in his expensive LV Sweater-Image Source@InstagramThabo Bester in his expensive LV Sweater-Image Source@Instagram

Thabo Bester Sets Social Media Ablaze with his R40k Louis Vuitton Designer Sweater

Thabo Bester’s extravagant court ensemble has ignited a fiery debate, with netizens across social media platforms questioning the source of his funds and how a convict could have access to such high-end designer clothes. The Internet exploded with curiosity, demanding answers to the age-old question: “How on earth did he manage to get his hands on a Louis Vuitton sweater from behind bars?”.

A Fashion Flamboyance that Can’t Be Contained

Thabo Bester-Image Source@Instagram
Thabo Bester-Image Source@Instagram

Thabo Bester’s flair for designer brands isn’t a newfound obsession. In a previous virtual court appearance, he caused a stir by sporting a black Burberry hoodie, rumored to be worth a staggering R19k .

In Pictures: Thabo Bester Wears R19,000 Burberry Hoodie To Virtual Court Appearance

While skeptics questioned its authenticity, there’s no denying that Bester has an undeniable penchant for showcasing high-end fashion, even when facing legal battles. From a beige Nike two-piece tracksuit valued at approximately R3,000 to his latest Louis Vuitton masterpiece, Thabo Bester’s fashion choices consistently leave jaws dropped and minds spinning.

Social Media Goes Into A Frenzy Over Thabo Bester R40K Louis Vuitton Sweater

Price of Thabo Bester's sweater-Image Source@Twitter
Price of Thabo Bester’s sweater-Image Source@Twitter

As news of Thabo Bester’s courtroom fashion extravaganza spread like wildfire, social media exploded with a cocktail of admiration, envy, and bewilderment. People marveled at his ability to slay the fashion game behind bars, with some suggesting that prison must be a hidden paradise for the fashion-forward. Prison may be a temporary place, but Bester’s drip remains timeless.

Check out some of the reactions;

  • @vspazierganger;

    He’s slaying us from behind bars.

  • @The1Gaffer;

    Everything about #ThaboBester is extravagant. Both him and #DrNandiphaMagudumana are always pulling up a fashion show. Prison must be a great place to be 🤔


    🤣🤣🤣Thabo is really not beating the allegations. Prison is temporary but drip is forever.


    And I’m outside they I can’t even afford 😩

  • @VendaVendor;

    This guy will start a new cheese boy gang in prison. LV & them must not sleep on this opportunity to make Prison apparel.

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