Murdah Bongz gets emotional-Image Source@TwitterMurdah Bongz gets emotional-Image Source@Twitter

“Tears Of Joy And Freedom?”: Murdah Bongz Speaks On His Viral Crying Video 

Social media is currently abuzz over a viral video of DJ Zinhle’s husband Bongani “Murdah Bongz or Morda” Mohosana, widely recognized as one of the dynamic members of the renowned duo Black Motion.

During his recent live performance, emotions overwhelmed him, leading to tears streaming down his face, stirring up a mixed reaction among online communities.

The Hype Collector, an Instagram account, recently posted a video that has since gone viral. The clip captured the poignant moment when Murdah became overwhelmed with emotion during one of his recent performances.

The powerful scene unfolded while he skillfully mixed the timeless Black Motion classic, “Rainbow.”

The video quickly gained traction, with many speculating that Murdah’s tears were a reflection of his longing for his days with Black Motion.

However, both Murdah and his wife, DJ Zinhle, engaged with the post by liking it.

Shortly after, Murdah took to his Instagram stories to respond, implying that his tears were actually “tears of joy and freedom”.

Despite Murdah’s response, it appears that some of his fans remained skeptical and urged him to share the truth behind his tears.

Their comments reflected a desire for a potential reconciliation between Murdah and Thabo, with hopes of them reuniting and returning to their original formation as Black Motion.

The fans’ sentiment suggests a longing for the duo’s iconic partnership and the possibility of future collaborations.

Currently, Murdah has been replaced by another exceptionally talented Afro-tech and tribal producer-DJ within Black Motion, Problem Child, hailing from Seshego.

His passion for house music blossomed under the influence of his older brother, who embarked on his professional DJing journey at the age of 14.

As a self-taught DJ, he honed his skills by performing at various local venues, parties, and nightspots in Polokwane, which ultimately inspired his chosen stage name, Problem Child.

Back in 2010, he made his debut in the music scene with the release of his first EP, titled “Mr Ten83,” which eventually became the inspiration behind his Instagram profile name.

Notably, Problem Child and Thabo Smol share a deep-rooted friendship that extends beyond their recent collaboration as members of Black Motion.

This is evident from the various posts showcasing their bond and moments spent together prior to Problem Child’s official confirmation as a member of the renowned duo.


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