TK Nciza repossesses car after breakup from Lebo Phasha-Image Source@X

The internet is buzzing with the latest drama involving TK Nciza, who has reclaimed the car he previously gifted his ex-fiancée, Lebo Phasha, after their breakup.

TK Nciza and Lebo Phasha have officially ended their relationship after more than a year of dating. The couple had progressed through the lobola negotiations and were deep into planning their wedding before calling it quits.

Car Reclaimed Post-Split

According to a source close to the situation, who requested anonymity, the relationship has definitively ended. “The relationship is over, and I don’t see them getting back together,” the source confirmed. Following the breakup, TK Nciza repossessed the car he had given to Lebo, coinciding with her moving out and both parties deleting each other’s photos from social media.

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TK Nciza car
TK Nciza and Lebo Phasha-Image Source@X

Social Media in Uproar

The news of TK Nciza reclaiming the car has ignited a flurry of reactions on social media. Many are debating the appropriateness of taking back a gift, with opinions sharply divided.

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@Leendz_M: Taking back gifts is so childish😒😫

@MjHlungwana: Wabona ha kere I don’t take these influencers seriously when they claim men bought them cars as gifts. These cars are benefits of being in said relationship and once it ends owner takes back their cars. We’ve seen this movie enough times to know how it ends.

@Patrice_ZA: It ended in tears…It’s never yours if it’s not under your name.

@Piru4l: When these bru’s buy these cars it’s more like buying for themselves but allowing you (their hun) use it whilst you’re with them and when things go south operation okwam ngokwam begins. After all, it was not in the hun’s name to begin with.

@carthue: What a weak man, who does that?

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