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Tbo Touch Leaves Metro FM, Reveals Reasons Why

Renowned radio personality Thabo ‘Tbo Touch’ Molefe, prominently known as the host of Metro FM’s afternoon drive show, recently shared intriguing details about his departure from the station back in 2016.

The Cordial Exit: Setting the Record Straight

Addressing his departure in an interview with 94.7, Tbo Touch disclosed that his exit from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) radio station was characterized by amicability after a remarkable 11-year stint.

He clarified, “There was never any bad blood between myself and the station. It was just a misunderstanding at the time. You don’t cut the umbilical cord if you understand the value of life. Our network is in the relationships we keep with people.”

Molefe shared an insightful observation about highly talented individuals, stating that they often contemplate leaving, but sometimes the best opportunity lies beyond that very threshold.

Reflecting on his own decision, he remarked, “So a month later I bought a C605 and took the family to Barcelona. I felt like I would be the first to show people there’s life after what people seem to fence as your dream. My dream is not to be locked to a specific location or address.”


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Rumours and Reality: Tbo Touch’s Earnings

The skilled broadcaster attracted attention in March 2023, as reports from Sunday World suggested that the SABC was willing to offer him a monthly payment of R480,000 to entice him back to Metro FM.

However, the SABC promptly denied these reports, asserting that such claims were misleading and factually inaccurate. They clarified, “The SABC’s GCEO does not get involved in line-up negotiations as that is the job of programme managers and business managers. In addition, the SABC does not pay freelancers car allowances and other fringe benefits.

They further explained, “The SABC’s radio stations are guided by an executive committee approved standardised freelance rates which would not see anyone earning even half the amount quoted in the newspaper. Independent contractors do not get involved in soliciting sales and sponsorship as the SABC does not have a commission scheme that covers individuals outside sales staff.”

Current Role: The Touchdown Show

Presently, Tbo Touch hosts the afternoon drive show titled “The Touchdown with Tbo Touch,” airing Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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