Tamia and Andile Mpisane-Image Source(Instagram)Tamia and Andile Mpisane-Image Source(Instagram)

Tamia Mpisane discusses her social media life after marrying into the wealthy Mpisane family

Tamia Mpisane, a social media influencer and model who married Andile Mpisane, son of wealthy socialite Shauwn Mkhize, recently went live on Instagram to talk about how her marriage to a famous man has impacted her social media presence. She gave insight into how she has changed how she uses her social media accounts since becoming a daughter-in-law in the Mpisane family.

Tamia and Andile
Tamia and Andile Mpisane-Image Source(instagram)

Prior to marrying Andile, Tamia would occasionally go live on social media, but since joining the Mpisane family, she had to change how she treats her social media accounts as she was unsure how to handle a lot of people and the attention that came with it.

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Tamia on joining Real Housewives of Durban

During the Instagram live session, Tamia was asked if she would consider joining the cast of Real Housewives of Durban. Tamia replied that she did not think she was cut out for reality TV since she could not tolerate people constantly having her on their lips. She further explained that she knows when and where to speak and that she struggles to post her day-to-day life on her social media stories.

Tamia Mpisane
Tamia Mpisane-Image Source(Instagram)

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Tamia’s rise to prominence after marrying into the Mpisane family has made her a newsmaker. Her social media presence has grown significantly, and many people are interested in her life as a daughter-in-law in the wealthy Mpisane family. After her marriage in 2021, she has been in the headlines for both good and sometimes bad reasons. Tamia became a social media hit and has trended on many occasions like other celebrities.

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