South African publication Sunday World has come under fire on social media for allegedly defending rape accused entertainers Euphonik and DJ Fresh.

The paper has also been accused of victimising and harassing victims of rape and sexual assault after it published an article titled, Rape accuser apologises to Euphonik – ‘I am sorry for what I did to you and DJ Fresh, I’m scared.

Some social media users felt that the article was lacking in objectivity and slammed the paper for seemingly doing a public relations article for Euphonik and DJ Fresh. Others felt that the article was in bad taste as it seemed to question the chastity of the alleged rape victim.

DJ Fresh (real name Thato Sikwane) and DJ Euphonik (real name Themba Nkosi) were fired from their jobs at music radio station 947 by Primedia Broadcasting following the rape allegations. However, the National Prosecuting Authority declined to prosecute the pair for the rape which allegedly took place in 2011.

Since then, the pair have launched a publication relations campaign to clear their names. They have received somecriticism for allegedly trying to tarnish the reputation of their accuser and resorting to falsehoods.


Sunday World Publication Comes Under Fire For "Defending" Euphonik & DJ Fresh
Sunday World Publication Comes Under Fire For “Defending” Euphonik & DJ Fresh



Following the publication of the Sunday World article on the pair, black Twitter has focused their wrath on the publication for alleged unethical and shoddy reporting. Some social media users are even reporting the Sunday World to the Press Council over the Euphonik and DJ Fresh article.

Below are some of the responses from social media.


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