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Stoan Seate ‘Sefako’ From The Wife Apologizes For Anti-EFF Tweet

Stoan Seate, who plays Sefako on The Wife, apologised after he faced backlash for a tweet he made about the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national shutdown. He used offensive language against the EFF, which angered many people on social media. People started attacking his acting skills and even accused him of getting a tender in the Free State.

Stoan Seate apologizes for his Tweet against the national shutdown

Stoan Seate later apologised, saying that he realised his words were hurtful, and he will try to express himself in a way that promotes love, peace, and unity. He loves his country and understands that some of his friends and associates are EFF members. He disagrees with some of the party’s methods, but he still wants black South Africans to come together.

Seate, in his apology, wrote:

“After a lot of introspection and reflection I’ve realised that my words cut deep…and words do matter. I love my country and my people deeply and I understand that some of my family, my associates, and countrymen are EFF members and voters. Our country needs unity, not all this division. I love you all, even the ones that have been swearing at me, I understand,” he wrote.

“This is to say I still don’t agree with some of the doctrine, methods, and tactics used by the party and I will continue to express myself as a free man but in the interests of love, peace, and unity amongst black South Africans.”

Fans respond to Seate’s apology.

However, some people on social media did not accept Stoan’s apology. They believed it was just a way to regain his popularity among his fans and that he did not truly mean what he said. Others even went as high as attacking his talent as an actor and said his skills were lacking.

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