“Spot The Difference”| AKA’s Tombstone Changes Leaves Social Media Abuzz 

On February 18th, 2023, a private ceremony was held for the burial of AKA.

Later, images of his tombstone were circulated online, but there seems to be a noticeable alteration now.


On February 10th, AKA was fatally shot following a dinner with friends at Wish restaurant in Durban’s Florida Road.

Among the casualties was his close associate and celebrity chef, Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane. The Motsoane family paid tribute to their son through a special ceremony held on February 16th at Sacred Heart College in Observatory, Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, the Forbes family arranged a public memorial service for AKA at the Sandton Convention Centre.

AKA was laid to rest on February 18th in a private ceremony at Heroes Acres, located in the Westpark Cemetery of Johannesburg.

The funeral was restricted to close friends and family members, who gathered to bid a final farewell to the late rapper.

The Forbes family intended to keep the funeral entirely private and requested no streaming or media coverage.

Despite this, a guest managed to capture a snapshot from the funeral, revealing AKA’s grave and tombstone, which were displayed near his freshly dug grave.

This image was leaked, allowing fans to have a glimpse of the burial site.

Following recent images of AKA’s childhood friend, Sim Dope, standing beside the late rapper’s tombstone, Twitter users were perplexed to notice that the tombstone seemed to be relocated or rotated.

However, “The Megacy” intervened and clarified their confusion by sharing pictures from the funeral.

They explained that AKA’s tombstone had not been installed during the send-off, which led to the difference in the background seen in the recent images.

According to the Memorial of Distinction website, among several other reasons, it was explained that the ground would first need to settle before erecting a tombstone. It was said that “If a headstone is placed in sinking ground, then it is likely to lean forward.”


Below are some of the comments on social media.


“But people still went and took pics at the grave remember? The pics still had the road in the background. Some are saying the tombstone has been rotated though,


“Did they somehow go bury aka somewhere else?” 


“Left frame motorway behind the grave, right frame its grass. How’s that possible,” 


“I read that too but my understanding is that they only pour concrete etc but to fully rotate the tombstone? Aren’t heads and feet supposed to face the same way for all graves?”


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