Holly Rey-Image Source@InstagramHolly Rey-Image Source@Instagram

South Africa’s First Masked Singer Crowned: Holly Rey Takes the Title

South Africa’s first Masked Singer has been revealed in a thrilling and suspense-filled competition. The honour of winning the title goes to the sensational SAMA-award-winning singer Holly Rey! Disguised as the enchanting Lollipop, Holly Rey proved her prowess with sweet tunes and slick moves, ultimately triumphing over fierce competitors.

A Victory to Remember

Competing against remarkable personas like Lion (portrayed by Abdul Khoza) and Tree (unveiled as Maps Maponyane), Holly Rey emerged victorious, embracing her golden mask trophy amidst a shower of confetti. Overflowing with pride, she expressed, “I had the time of my life doing this, it was like being a kid the whole time.”

From Pop Artist of the Year to Masked Singer Queen

Holly Rey’s journey to becoming the Masked Singer queen follows a remarkable month for the Durban-born sensation. Earlier in the same month, she was honoured with the title of Pop Artist of the Year for her album ‘Stripped’ at the Basadi in Music awards.

Holly Rey-Image Source@Instagram
Holly Rey-Image Source@Instagram

The final showdown that crowned Holly Rey featured her Lollipop persona facing off against the mighty Rhino in an epic musical duel. Their duet performance of Justin Bieber’s hit ‘Baby’ showcased Lollipop’s undeniable talent, securing her position as the first queen of The Masked Singer South Africa stage.

New Music Ventures

Building on her thrilling victory, Holly Rey wasted no time in capitalizing on the newfound attention. She recently released a new single titled ‘Ngiyazifela,’ which is set to be part of her upcoming EP, ‘3AM.’ Holly teased her fans by sharing, “So excited to share this EP with you. Part one of the 3AM EP is dropping on 15 September. Are you ready for a new sound and some dope features?”

A Shining Star

As the confetti settles and the masks come off, Holly Rey’s star shines brighter than ever. Her victory on The Masked Singer cements her as a history maker and a record-breaker. This is only the beginning for the talented singer, and South Africa celebrates its first Masked Singer winner – congratulations to Holly Rey!

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