South Africans Mock Morda As Wife DJ Zinhle Posts Late Baby Daddy AKA On Instagram

Producer Morda is being mocked by social media users after his wife, DJ Zinhle, posted multiple pictures of her late baby daddy AKA on Instagram.

In 2020, AKA and DJ Zinhle ended their relationship for the second and final time after reconciling for just one year. They had previously dated and separated in 2015 following AKA’s affair with Bonang Matheba.

The two had a child together named Kairo Owethu Forbes.

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After DJ Zinhle’s breakup with AKA in 2020, she started a relationship with former Black Motion DJ, Morda, previously known as Murdah Bongz. The two house producers welcomed their first child, Asante, in 2021.
DJ Zinhle and AKA had been praised by fans for co-parenting well, showcasing their maturity. However, tragedy struck on February 10, 2023, when AKA was fatally shot by two unknown attackers in Durban, outside a popular restaurant.

AKA’s death has plunged DJ Zinhle into distress, and as a result, she has been sharing numerous Instagram stories featuring the Fela In Versace hitmaker. Some social media users have expressed concerns about this since she is now married to Morda.

A few days ago, AKA’s family disclosed the details of his funeral arrangements and clarified that Morda, whose real name is Bongani Mahosana, will not be present at the funeral due to cultural grounds.

One Twitter user explained why Morda cannot attend the funeral.

“The reason is they have children with the same woman, so somehow in our culture [men] are not supposed to share her blood. So if one dies, the other guy can follow him if he attends his funeral. [For example] if Bongz goes, he’ll get sick that day and die as well. The sickness is called makgoma.”

Some tweeps expressed mixed feelings over Morda as his wife posts AKA, her baby daddy, on her Instagram stories since he died.


“Murda Bongz is obviously a Simp bro. This ngga even broke into Black Motion’s studio & stole equipment just to prove that he can be a bad boy like Mega. This ngga would allow Dj Zinhle to go on a picnic with AKA & Kairo.”


“The way being a supportive partner is not common to our society ..when you start to become one, they bash you out…”


She loved him unconditionally shem. You know that one person you’ll always love even when you’re no longer together, that was AKA to her. She loved that man 😂”


“I understand DJ Zinhle is mourning AKA. A picture or two in honour of Kiernan Forbes is understandable, but a daily chain of pictures is not make sure. Lest you give the impression that you still had romantic ties with AKA. She’s married. Respect your husband & Your Marriage.”

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