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South African Songstress Makhadzi Gets Roasted on Twitter for Outfit Fail

South African musician Makhadzi has gained a significant following and international success with her beautiful voice and talent. However, her sense of style has been heavily criticized, with her recent outfit being no exception. The singer recently posted a picture on Twitter of herself in a golden feathered onesie that she claims was inspired by American singer Beyonce.

Makhadzi’s Fashion Sense Fails to Impress

Although Makhadzi is a talented musician who has built an impressive career from humble beginnings, her fashion sense is often less than impressive. Her recent outfit, which she shared on social media, left much to be desired, with many people criticizing it harshly. The singer posted a picture of herself in a golden feathered onesie and hinted that it was inspired by one of Beyonce’s outfits.

Makhadzi outfit
Makhadzi-Image Source(Instagram)

Twitter Users Troll Makhadzi Outfit Fail

Makhadzi’s post quickly garnered attention on Twitter, with users taking to the comments section to troll her outfit mercilessly. Despite her explanation that the outfit was inspired by Beyonce, many people still found the outfit to be unflattering and poorly put together. The singer took the criticism in good stride, even laughing at herself in the process.

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Makhadzi’s Self-Roasting Post

In the post, Makhadzi announced her upcoming tour dates in Zambia and the UK while acknowledging her fashion fail. She captioned the post, “Good morning guys, I will explain the outfit later. I am happy to announce my Zambia and UK tour this coming month. From 06 May, I will be in Zambia. More dates loading for Zambia. 20 May, I will be in the UK. More dates loading for the UK.”

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce-Image Source(Makhadzi)

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Makhadzi’s Fans Laugh Along with Her

While many Twitter users criticized Makhadzi’s outfit choice, others found the singer’s self-roasting post to be funny and relatable. One person even commended Makhadzi for being able to laugh at herself and not take the criticism too seriously.

In the end, it seems that Makhadzi’s fashion sense will continue to be a topic of discussion among her fans and critics alike. However, it’s clear that the singer won’t let a little bit of criticism bring her down, and she’ll continue to do what she does best: make beautiful music for her fans to enjoy.

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