Ntando Duma-Image Source@InstagramNtando Duma-Image Source@Instagram

South African Celeb Ntando Duma Faces Backlash Over Wig Fail

South African celebrities have a long-standing history of wearing questionable wigs. While the hair industry has undergone significant advancements over the years, many of our beloved local stars are still lagging behind in the wig and weave department. The most recent target of criticism for a subpar hairpiece is actress and TV presenter Ntando Duma.

Ntando Duma Goes Viral Over Wig Fail

A screenshot featuring Ntando Duma donning a wig with clearly visible lace has gone viral, sparking a wave of opinions and comments from South African Twitter users.

Joining the Ranks of Wig Fails

Ntando Duma-Image Source@Instagram
Ntando Duma-Image Source@Instagram

Ntando Duma now finds herself in the company of other local celebrities, such as Khanyi Mbau and Nadia Nakai, who faced similar ridicule for the quality of their wigs during the first season of Young Famous & African.

International Repercussions

American TikToker Champ Bailie, after witnessing the wigs worn by Khanyi Mbau and others, expressed astonishment and vowed never to wear a wig again. Now, South African social media users fear that Ntando’s wig fail will reignite the trolling from the international community.

Concerned South Africans

“American Twitter better not see this,” one person expressed apprehension about the potential backlash from American users.

The Controversial Photo

The photo capturing the wig fail was taken at the premiere of Shaka Ilembe earlier this week. In the image, Ntando’s lace is clearly visible, and the hasty attempt to cover it up with foundation is apparent.

Previous Criticisms

This is not the first time Ntando Duma has faced criticism for her fashion choices. At the funeral of Shona Ferguson in 2021, she sparked controversy by wearing what many deemed an inappropriately short skirt. Additionally, she received backlash for taking photos at the event.

“Your skirt is too short for such an occasion. Couldn’t you wear something more appropriate under the circumstances? Or do you simply crave attention even at a funeral?” wrote one Twitter user.

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