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In an unprecedented move, the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) have agreed to form a Government of National Unity (GNU) in South Africa, sending ripples through the nation’s political sphere.

This landmark decision has elicited a spectrum of reactions on social media, with South Africans expressing both hope and skepticism regarding this unconventional alliance.

ANC’s Electoral Setback Necessitates Negotiations

The ANC’s surprising loss of its parliamentary majority in the May elections, where it garnered only 40% of the vote, necessitated these historic negotiations with opposition parties.

For the first time in over three decades, the ANC has entered into a coalition with the predominantly white-led, pro-business DA, along with the Inkatha Freedom Party and the Patriotic Alliance, as reported by SABC News.

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DA Leader Steenhuisen Announces Unity Government

DA leader John Steenhuisen, in a televised statement on Friday, confirmed the formation of the GNU. He highlighted that the two long-standing political rivals have put aside their differences to embark on a new chapter of inclusive governance.

“Today, South Africa is a better country than it was yesterday. For the first time since 1994, we’ve embarked on a peaceful and democratic transfer of power to a new government that will be different from the previous one. From today, the DA will co-govern the Republic of South Africa in a spirit of unity and collaboration,” said John Steenhuisen.

Public Reaction to the Unity Government

The ANC and DA’s decision to form a GNU has sparked a wide array of reactions on social media. Some South Africans have accused President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC of betraying their legacy and selling out, comparing this coalition to a regression to the apartheid era.

However, other citizens view this development positively, considering it a necessary step toward stabilizing the nation.

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Social Media Responses

Here are some notable reactions from Twitter:

  • @mkwinkelcoza: “Well done! Finally, we will get back on track. Viva South Africa… The markets are going to react well to this news.”
  • @amukelanimason1: “Congratulations South Africa. You have become the first nation in the world to be recolonized.”
  • @EdwinMokhosi: “It was expected. The ANC of Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu has been destroyed. This is the end of the ANC.”
  • @YungCritSA: “We are sold in front of our eyes. This isn’t what our forefathers fought for… I can’t believe such a thing can be done knowing that the public doesn’t want this coalition or GNU. Welcome to apartheid 2.0, Natives.”
  • @mexido2008: “The sad part is that the ANC has no strategy. Fast forward to 4 years later… they will admit they made a mistake, and it will be too late. This is probably the last time the ANC will ever be in power, even in a coalition.”
  • @langa_thobela: “Great deal. Our constitution addresses the rationale behind this agreement… spot on.”
  • @Thabani_Mtetwa: “It’s really happening! What a sad day… simply sold out. They are only thinking of themselves.”


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