Sonia Mbele-Image Source@InstagramSonia Mbele-Image Source@Instagram

Renowned businesswoman and former ‘Generations’ actress, Sonia Mbele, recently shared her ongoing struggle with a chronic autoimmune disease that has left her in a state of exhaustion. This revelation comes after she was hospitalized for two weeks due to her collapsing earlier this year, in May.

Anemia Diagnosis

Mbele disclosed that her autoimmune disease was diagnosed a few months ago, shortly before the launch of Season 3 of ‘Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ).’ She initially believed her symptoms were merely fatigue, but further medical tests confirmed her condition as chronic anemia.

Sonia Mbele tax evasion
Sonia Mbele-Image Source@instagram

The actress and producer was hospitalized for a few weeks back in May and that’s when tests revealed what she was suffering from.

Symptoms and Treatment

Anemia occurs when the body lacks sufficient healthy red blood cells to transport oxygen to the organs, resulting in persistent tiredness and weakness. Mbele has since initiated treatment for iron deficiency and modified her diet to accommodate her medical needs. Her treatment also involves regular iron infusions.

Tax Evasion Charges Resolved

In addition to her health struggles, Mbele faced legal issues related to tax evasion. She, along with her fellow directors of ‘Real Housewives of South Africa (Pty) Ltd,’ Yolisa Gqunta and Rebone Sesing, confronted 42 counts of not filing company income tax from 2019 to 2022. However, these charges were recently dropped after Mbele signed an admission of guilt and paid the required fine.

She has been in the headlines a lot lately because of the court case as she was rumoured to be missing court hearing dates.

Many of her fans have kept up with the latest updates on Sonia Mbele’s journey as she battles both her autoimmune disease while wishing her well in comment sections.

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