Sonia Mbele tax evasionSonia Mbele-Image Source@instagram

South African actress and businesswoman Sonia Mbele has found herself in hot water as she failed to make her scheduled court appearance for alleged tax evasion. The incident occurred amidst the launch of the Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

Warrant of Arrest for Contempt of Court

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, Phindi Mjonondwane, disclosed that the prosecution swiftly applied for a warrant of arrest due to Sonia Mbele’s absence at the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court.

However, Sonia later submitted a medical certificate claiming illness, which specified that she would be unavailable until October 3, 2023, as reported by IOL. In light of this, the prosecution temporarily postponed the issuance of the arrest warrant.

The Johannesburg Magistrates Court has rescheduled the case to October 5, allowing Sonia to attend court and her co-accused to secure legal aid.

The Tax Evasion Case

Sonia Mbele, alongside Yolisa Gqunta and Rebone Sesing, is facing charges of violating the Tax Administration Act while serving as director of Real Housewives of South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Sonia Mbele tax evasion
Sonia Mbele-Image Source@Instagram

Mjonondwane explained, “The directors of their company, Real Housewives of South Africa, are facing 42 counts of not filing company income tax from 2019 to 2022, failing to submit Value Added Tax (VAT) returns from 2020 to 2022, and neglecting to file Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) from 2020 to 2022.”

Sonia Mbele’s Health Struggles

This recent legal ordeal is not the first time the former Generations actress has faced health challenges. In May of this year, Sonia was hospitalized after collapsing just days before the launch of Real Housewives of Johannesburg. The collapse was attributed to her experiencing dizzy spells due to overwork and stress.

According to a close source, Sonia has been battling the city, exacerbated by her loss in the Real Housewives of Johannesburg in 2021.

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