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Somizi Mhlongo’s New Kids Clothing Line Faces Backlash

Last year, South African media sensation Somizi Mhlongo generated a buzz in the fashion industry when he announced his upcoming children’s clothing line, Sompire Kids. With grand ambitions of creating a children’s brand that would rival all others, he embarked on this exciting venture. However, controversy is brewing as the launch date approaches, and not everyone is enthusiastic about his latest endeavour.

The Anticipation Builds

Excitement was palpable as Somizi shared glimpses of his Sompire Kids clothing brand last year. He expressed his vision: “The pieces are coming together nicely… I can’t wait for you to see what we are cooking. Every kid deserves a Sompire Kids gear in their wardrobe, and every parent should afford it. That’s my goal.” After months of anticipation, the brand is finally ready for its official launch this upcoming Friday.

Somizi-Image Source(Instagram)
Somizi-Image Source(Instagram)

Countdown to Spring Day Launch

Somizi has been actively counting down the days until the collection’s debut, coinciding with South Africa’s Spring Day. This strategic timing aims to capture the attention of parents looking to update their children’s wardrobes for the new season. As the excitement builds, Somizi also engages in discussions about his venture, sitting down with the esteemed radio personality Anele Mdoda.

Anele Mdoda shared the anticipation, saying, “He is dropping a kiddies fashion range tomorrow!!!! We are talking all things Sompire Kids!!!! We are talking about it now, and he says he wants to get something off his chest about Masked Singer SA.”

Controversy Emerges

Despite the buzz surrounding Sompire Kids, not all reactions have been positive. Somizi faces significant backlash from individuals who believe that a registered sex offender should not receive support or recognition. Critics are vocal about their concerns, expressing their reservations about endorsing someone with a criminal record.

@Njivana expressed their stance on social media: “Cancel him, he’s a convicted sexual offender.”

Meanwhile, @AshleighAmberl1 commented, “I love Somizi, but I will not be supporting his kids’ range. He already has money and should let other black businesses dominate.”

As the controversy simmers on social media, Somizi Mhlongo faces a challenging moment in the lead-up to the Sompire Kids launch. The outcome remains uncertain, and the public’s response will undoubtedly shape the future of this children’s fashion brand.

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