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South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo delivered a touching eulogy during Zahara’s memorial service, expressing remorse for a controversial joke made at her expense during the South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

As the nation mourns the loss of Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana, attendees gathered at the Rhema Bible Church to bid farewell to the beloved Loliwe hitmaker.

Somizi’s Apology at Zahara’s Memorial Service

During Zahara’s memorial service, Somizi Mhlongo took a moment to reflect on his initial encounter with the late singer and extend his sincere apology for a jest made at the SAMAs in 2017.

“We are almost at the end of the show and there’s an amazing after party, free bar…where is Zahara (audience roars in laughter). She’s probably at the bar already,” Somizi jokingly remarked during the SAMAs.

This comment led to a legal dispute, with Zahara suing Somizi for defamation of character. Addressing mourners, a remorseful Somizi acknowledged the insensitivity of his joke, admitting that he unintentionally caused pain to Zahara.

“I learnt my lesson. I took it for granted that it was a joke. Kanti you don’t know how much you’ve hurt people, and I realised later that I’ve hurt her,” Somizi expressed during the service.

Critical Remarks on the Entertainment Industry

Somizi didn’t solely focus on his personal remorse but also criticized the entertainment industry for neglecting Zahara in her times of need.

“As an industry, as friends, we owe her an apology… I’m one of the people who owe her an apology. When we could have helped (her), we were carrying on with our lives, besimhleba, simhleka,” Somizi Mhlongo passionately stated.

The former Idols SA judge emphasized the collective responsibility of the industry to apologize for mocking Zahara and failing to provide support during her struggles.

“When she went through a rough time, where was Somizi? Nowhere. We need to internally apologize to Zahara, we are sorry, we can do better,” Somizi Mhlongo asserted.

Somizi concluded with a poignant message, urging people to refrain from making fun of others’ misfortunes and to contribute positively or remain silent.

Watch part of Somizi Mhlongo’s eulogy at Zahara’s memorial service:


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