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Flamboyant media personality Somizi Mhlongo has set the internet abuzz after it was revealed that the 50-year-old star was returning to school.

According to Sunday World, the seasoned media personality has since confirmed the news in an exclusive interview.

50-Year-Old Somizi Mhlongo Goes Back to School

Over the years, he has wowed many with his illustrious career that spans years, often leaving many puzzled that he is a grade 9 dropout. Despite his newfound fame, Somizi Mhlongo has decided to return to school and further his education.

Confirmed reports have it that Somizi Mhlongo has now signed up for a fashion design course. Somizi has made it known that it’s never too late to return to school.

Somizi-Image Source(Instagram)
Somizi-Image Source(Instagram)

“I have always believed in the value of education even though, in my case, the opportunities of work when still very young put me on a different path as far as formal school is concerned,” said Somizi Mhlongo.

“But dropping out that early did not stop me from educating myself about anything that became part of my professional life,” added Somizi Mhlongo.

Somizi’s Passion for Fashion

He recently launched Somprie Kids and has made it known that he has always been passionate about fashion, and his new business adventure motivated him to pursue fashion.

The star has it that he wants to create garments with his own hands rather than giving someone his idea.

Thrust into the Limelight

Somizi Mhlongo had his shot to fame at 15 when he starred in Scavengers in 1987. Since then, he has been winning big and spreading his wings. He has back-established himself as a businessman in his own right.

Apart from that, he has since become one of the most sought-after on-air hosts and media personalities.


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