SomiziSomizi fakes message from Mbongeni Ngema-Image Source(Instagram)

Versatile media personality Somizi Mhlongo is under fire for what some claim is a clout-chasing move after he shared a screenshot of his alleged final WhatsApp conversation with the late Mbongeni Ngema.

Ngema tragically lost his life in a fatal head-on collision on Wednesday evening while returning from a funeral in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape.

Somizi’s Poignant Tribute

In the aftermath of the passing of the multi-talented musician, composer, choreographer, and playwright, Somizi wrote a heartfelt and extensive tribute. He portrayed Ngema as a father figure who played a pivotal role in his discovery and mentorship.

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Somizi Mhlongo fake message-Image Source@X

Somizi also took to social media to share a screenshot of what he claims is his final WhatsApp conversation with Mbongeni Ngema. Alongside the image, he wrote:

“This text was sent on the very same Tuesday, and something felt like you were saying goodbye. But in my head and heart, I was glad you were smelling your flowers. It has been my main aim to always make sure that you know that you are the reason I AM THEE SOMIZI. And I made sure that I tell you and show you each time.”

Colour Discrepancy Raises Eyebrows

Despite the touching contents of the alleged conversation, keen-eyed social media users quickly noticed a peculiar detail about the message. They observed that the message, supposedly from Mbongeni Ngema, appeared in green, indicating that Somizi might have sent the message to himself, creating a false impression.

One social media user shared Somizi’s screenshot and raised questions about why the IdolsSA judge would send himself WhatsApp texts, pretending they were from Mbongeni Ngema.

“Why is Somizi sending himself WhatsApp texts and pretending they are from Mbongeni Ngema?”

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Backlash and Accusations: Social Media Reacts

Criticism ensued on social media, with many users accusing Somizi of misleading them and suggesting that he was resorting to such tactics for attention and relevance. Here are some of the reactions:

  • @VendaVendor: “😂 What if Mbongeni’s spirit took Somizi’s phone and texted?”
  • @IG_Jay_Khath: “The way he likes attention, you’d swear he doesn’t know a single camera in his life 😭🤣🤣”
  • @NgakoBoshomane_: “Probably wants to talk at the memorial? Retla reng mara”
  • @GorgeousWandz: “Main character syndrome. It’s giving narcissist Nje.”
  • @Tumie_Boroboko: “I wonder if celebrity friends call each other out. Like uMamkhize saying to Somizi while chilling together at Shawn’mansion drinking expensive wine ‘mara chomi, nawe uyabheda, what the hell was that? What were you thinking??’ Yoh umsangano phela lento ka Somizi”



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