Somizi and Pearl Thusi Dragged By The LGTBQI Community

Twitter is on fire at the moment as the LGBTQI is calling out actress, Pearl Thusi and Somizi. 

They’re dragging Som-som for being quiet and dragging Pearl for supporting MacG. The celebrities can never catch a break as black Twitter sets them to blaze week after week.

It all began with a tweep who wanted Pearl’s input in the MacG saga: “

“Hi @PearlThusi Is there any specific reason you’re liking and Retweeting tweets defending MacG’s transphobic and homophobic content? As someone who should be aware that she has a large queer audience and followers, I’d just like to know where you stand on this topic?”

The controversial Queen Sono actress tweeted: “

If y’all think going against people’s bread boost your egos there’s something wrong about your orientation, Bhushiri must come and help y’all!!!

The mind boggles how you people enjoy attacking each other

Look at you so determined in to bringing others down, o Satan saan!! Focus in your life and leave this woman alone ntja!

Count on it that you’re next bhuti. You shall get what you’re giving out tenfold, all because you’re bandwagoning and clout chasing. But carry on.”

Then a tweep tweeted: 

I repeat: @somizi stands for NOTHING!!!! He’s more than happy to take all the credit of LGBTQI representation, yet when it’s time show up & stand for something, he’s busy on IG taking videos of sponsored Smeg Dolce & Gabanna kettles

“Dear Community At least Melusi stands for something. When are we going to be honest about Somizi who has been put on the pedestal to represent the LGBTIQ community, YET he stands for NOTHING! When are we going to be honest about this Mhlongo airhead? So rich, yet so poor!”

It is clear tweeps want Somgaga to also weigh in on the MacG versus Old Mutual saga as they’re unhappy that he’s been, mum. 

Mhlongo was trending a while ago when two journalists contacted him for a comment regarding his alleged rocky marriage to his young husband and the cooking show legal battle. 

Another celebrity that wasn’t impressed by the actress and mother of two was musician Thandiswa Mazwai who commented

“Dear straight person. Don’t talk about us (queer people) on public platforms without us being present to speak for ourselves. There is a lot you don’t know or understand so it’s best to seek education rather than talk from ignorance. #TransLivesMatter.”

Mazwi came out as gay a few years ago.

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